Brief Treatments

Centro ATC offers Brief and Effective Treatments by providing Traditional Psychotherapy covered by many medical insurance companies; but also by proving advanced Mental Health tools to obtain faster and more effective results.

During the last thirty years, based principally on Neuroscience and in second term, on Traditional Chinese Medicine, many psychotherapeutic techniques emerged to the Mental Health Market. Centro ATC takes great advantages from them to give patients the best service as possible.

Rodolfo Garcia Otero, Psychologist, Clinical Manager at this center, with the assistance of its founder, Claudia Quiroz, LMHC, have been developing a neuropsychological technique, Multilevel Tone Calibration [MTC] ( Its application is very easy, painless, without contraindications, highly adjustable to the needs of each patient and with enormous efficacy. It is based on simple exercises of 5 to 10 minutes per day, with the mind focused on a particular topic depending on the needs of the case in question.This strategy allows providing a traditional service inside the office, plus an innovative complement outside the office. This way, treatment not only happens in session; but also during daily living. The outcome of this combination is amazing. Patient not just quit suffering, but also starts growing in Will, Self-Esteem and Desire. Patient grows his Initiative and starts proposing new objectives. With the sensation of pain having passed long time ago, patient begins to enjoy life healthy and naturally.

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