Assessment Interview

During the first appointment of Orientation and Diagnosis, the problem is identified, and provides a range of possible solutions. There are certain cases that are admitted to begin treatment. Other, which sets a suitable referral in accordance with the needs of the patient. DIAGNOSIS: It begins with an evaluation and analysis of information gathered, bringing together the background of the...
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Adoption Assessment

Psychosocial  Assessmentfor adoption is the analysis of the characteristics and psychological conditions for a person or household. The objective is to determine the suitability for adoption by parents, analyzing aspects such as the time when the desire arises to the adoption and the same motivation, personality characteristics of the adoptive parents, family environment, and the relationship of the adopter with...
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Guidance Interviews

This is the phase where theproblem is focused and oriented. Its function is to prevent and try to find solutions, giving people the psychological resources needed to improve their quality of life. This intervention is highly effective because it allows specific adjustments to the given situation. eg guidance on parenting, or life changes and family or partner situations.    ...
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