Brief Mental Disorders Guide

The Diagnostic and Statistical Mental Disorders Manual fourth Edition [DSM – IV], is one of the latest International Manual that regulate Mental Health provision to the community. This article is posted in order to assist curious clients. Legal Institutions and Medical Insurance companies are based on these regulations. The most frequent Axis I disorders are briefly described bellow as a...
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Elimination Disorders

Enuresis They consist of an inability to voluntarily control the emission of urine or feces, in the time it is considered normal. In most cases there is a cause. Enuresis and encopresis can occur in isolation or associated with each other or with other diseases. If the child complains that he or punished because his dirty clothes or bed, you...
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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is physical abuse, sexual or emotional that occurs within a home or family, caused by one or more of its members, and causes damage to one or more of its members. TYPES AND INDICATORS OF ABUSE Physical abuse Pushing, hitting and choking Sexual abuse Forcing unwanted sexual acts, rape and incest. Emotional abuse Threats, insults, contempt, neglect  and...
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