Seminar: Dealing with Jealousy

Jealousy is a set of feelings and attitudes that arise when people think you lose something very important to her such as: love, social image, professional, power, etc. As for the relationship, jealousy arise when a person believes that their relationship is being threatened  this threat may be real or imaginary, and the response of the person who is jealous...
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Seminar: Social Skills

Social skills are the ability of humans to interact successfully, both for themselves and for the people around us. Sometimes, not doing it properly can make people feel excluded, or having little success in their social, work or family.         OBJECTIVES Strengthen Self-Esteem Become aware of limiting beliefs Have a better relationship with oneself and with others....
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Seminar: Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation key aims set the tone and decrease the physical and mental tension. Having a clear mind and a body in optimum arrangement we act calmly without draining our energy, thus improving control over everyday situations.       AIMED AT: All those who have a life with a lot of stress and anxiety resources and want to learn to...
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