Our Origin

Centro ATC was created in May 2010 by Claudia Quiroz , Psychologist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor  Her vocation has always been health-oriented in its humanistic and spiritual aspects.

Since her teens she became interested in the processes of the mind, from Academic• Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) - University State of New York (2006)
• Clinical Psychologist - Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina (1995)
• International Certification Experimental and ClinicalHypnosis - Asociación Internacional de Hipnosis Clínica y Experimental (AIHCE), Barcelona, España (2012)
• Gastric Virtual Band (BGV) - Instituto A. Scharovsky, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2012)
• Clinical Restorative Hypnosis - Instituto A. Scharovsky, Buenos Aires, Argentina(2004)
• Group Trainer – Asociación Argentina de Terapias de Grupo(2001)
• Degree Family and Couple Therapy – Sociedad Argentina de Terapia Familiar (1999)
• Clinical Sexologist - Asociación Argentina de Sexualidad Humana (1997)
 , considered “alternatives” inspired the name of Centro ATC: Alternative Therapy Center.

After over 8 years of service in  Argentina She mainly worked as Clinical Psychologist at hospitals:
Argerich, T.Borda and F.Muñiz. She also worked in similar positions at the following Centers:
• Centro de Terapias Cognitivas
• Servicio Integral de Psicología
• Centro Psicológico Uno.
, Claudia Quiroz felt that her services should be provided in a place where community needs were not met. From there, she began to investigate about people who needed bilingual psychotherapists. In 2003 some of their Argentine colleagues who were working in New York described the overall immigration status. A year later, settled in the city of  New YorkShe worked as Mental Health Counselor in the following Mental Health Centers:
• Metropolitan Center for Mental Health (2003-2009)
• PD Center Mental Health (2009-2010)
• Western Queens Mental Health Counseling (2010-11)
 where she worked in various Mental Health Centers in Manhattan, Queens and Bronx. During this process the professionals that nowadays are part of Centro ATC team were selected.