Seminar: Dealing with Jealousy

Jealousy is a set of feelings and attitudes that arise when people think you lose something very important to her such as: love, social image, professional, power, etc. As for the relationship, jealousy arise when a person believes that their relationship is being threatened  this threat may be real or imaginary, and the response of the person who is jealous may be adequate or inadequate.

1) Properly:

Telling the person how you feel, asking what happened, and so on.

2) Improperly:

Openly: Screaming, crying, threatening, assaulting, and retaliating, and so on.Surreptitiously: not expressed, but are looking for ways to “get even” or hurt the partner who is jealous. For example, making it look bad to other people, doing “accidentally” things that bother you, and so on.

We can also talk about:

1. Jealousy Normal  are a person feels about the real threat of a relationship you value.

2. Jealousy pathological or abnormal : they are the result of a real situation, but are related to unresolved internal conflict, the person who feels them. When this happens, the reaction of the person who is jealous, it tends to be exaggerated and inappropriate.

Some of the emotions that accompany them are:

Fear, anger, envy, pain, humiliation, hatred, insecurity, mistrust



  •  Identify and develop skills to deal with situations related to jealousy.
  • Understanding the causes of insecurity and lack of confidence.
  •  Find healthier ways to act and control the thoughts and negative emotions associated with jealousy.


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