Mediation is a way to resolve conflicts between two or more persons, with the help of an impartial third person, the mediator. Mediators are not judges or arbitrators, do not impose solutions or think about who has the truth, what they want is to meet the needs of the parties in dispute, regulating the communication process and driving it through a few simple steps that, if collaborating parties, it is possible to reach a solution where everyone wins, or at least satisfied.

Experiences like these are currently underway in some schools and beyond the solution to interpersonal problems, thereby promoting a more peaceful coexistence model. The mediation is: voluntary, confidential, and is based on dialogue.



Mediation is a series of phases which promotes communication and understanding between the parties in conflict, offering alternatives through dialogue and avoiding the loss of interesting relationships and the experience of feelings of misunderstanding that adversely affect the process .



Pre-mediation phase itself, it creates conditions that facilitate access to mediation. It speaks with the parties separately, explains the process to be followed and requested consent to go to mediation



1.Presentation and rules:  Phase devoted to build trust between the mediation team and the middle, it also presents the process and rules to be followed in mediation.

2. Tell me:   Phase in which people are exposed mediated version of the conflict with the feelings that accompany it. The parties must be heard.

3. To clarify the problem: Phase dedicated to identifying conflicting nodes, the points of convergence and divergence of the same. It seeks to establish a common platform on major issues to be solved.

4. To propose  solutions:  Phase dedicated to finding creative solutions and evaluating them by the parties.

5.Llegar agreement. Phase devoted to clearly define the agreements. These should be balanced, specific, possible. It is also often take time to agree a procedure for reviewing and monitoring thereof.

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