Creative Visualization Workshop

Workshop aimed at everyone who wish to start the practice of relaxation and creative visualization. Participants will learn techniques to change dramatically the focus of your thoughts and also improve the quality of life.

Creative Visualization is a technique that uses the imagination to create what you want in life. Through this technique creates a subjective reality, it has not been experienced before.

There is an objective reality , which is what happens in our external environment to the conditions and stimuli that reach us through our five senses  and a subjective reality , which is given only within ourselves.

Creative Visualization to create an ever more consciously, what they really want. It is the key to access all the positive and the gifts that flow naturally from life.



  • Learn visualization techniques and meditation.
  • Take basic concepts about the functioning and importance of thoughts in everyday life.
  • Identify negative beliefs and learn to replace these beliefs for a more positive message.
  • Set goals for the future
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