Hipnoslim Plus ™ is a Weight Loss Program based on the Virtual Gastric Band [VGB] and the maximization of the psychological potential of human being through Neuropsychological Techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine oriented techniques and Aromatherapy. This powerful combination of psychological resources allows initiating treatment, holding it although possible periods of not losing weight, finalizing it and integrating it to the new life style, naturally and permanently. Available only in Spanish.

Banda Gástrica Virtual ® [BGV] (Virtual Gastric Band): Hypnosis and Subliminal Reprogramming techniques are utilized to induce the person to change his behavior and attitude towards food. The main goal is to install an eating behavioral change to enable permanent results. This way, the sacrificed list of prohibitions and strict diets are avoided. In addition a positive side effect was detected on clients with sleeping disorders.

Neuropsychological Techniques: Multilevel Tone Calibration [MTC] is utilized to strengthen Will and Self-Esteem responsible to hold the process through time. Practicing it produces such a massive calibration, that many disorders (anxiety, mood, attention, etc.) are solved. The well-being produced by the alleviation of suffering combined with increasing Will and Self-Esteem, stimulate going for a better life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine oriented techniques: Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT] is utilized for anxiety management and emotional relief, responsible for inner unbalance and self-destructive behaviors. Though this tool other ways to express frustration are acquired. It is an excellent tool to free damaging emotions easily and self-applied.

Aromatherapy: is the application of Essential Oils with therapeutic purposes. These oils are used for stimulating health and to promote somatic, cognitive, emotional and spiritual well-being. There are some specific products related to overweight. Through the sense of smell it is possible to activate the satiation signal before the stomach doing it. Aromatherapy represents a pleasant satiation option. Other oils are very useful for Anxiety Control and Relaxation.

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