Welcome to Centro ATC

We have an understanding and ethical highly qualified professional team. We invite you to take a journey into the personal wellbeing, inner growth and to be at the peak of family and social life.

To offer the New York Hispanic community excellence and commitment through our Mental Health Services in an individual, family and social group mode.

To achieve this goal we have:

• Inter-disciplinary physical and mental health team under continuing professional development.

• Outpatient Services which provides mediation, evaluation, guidance, counseling and psychological treatment.

• Aid Programs to assist the Community at schools and other mass audience centers, providing prevention services through the programs: “School for Parents” – “Individual, Family and Social Psycho – education ” and “Methods of body – mind – spirit Self Overcoming”


Centro ATC conceives human being as an integrated whole about his physical, emotional, social and spiritual areas. From Western philosophy, we support that “the greatest virtue is equilibrium”. From Eastern philosophy, we support that “a chain breaks at its weakest link”. We highlight balance, strength and plasticity in all Being aspects. From the popular wisdom, we support that “to prevent is better than to cure” and we add that “it is better to get healthy than to suffer”.


The patient is a person who feels and deserves the best of our respect. To succeed we offer Reliability, Privacy and Compliance with legal regulations. The scientific world is constantly expanding. This makes us to keep updated about each psychological related finding and development. Succeeding this goal implies that we are often being under technical training and that we keep a fluent inter disciplinary contact through international conferences.